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Riverscape ... necklace earrings set

Riverscape ... earring necklace set

Montana wild waters, whimsical, rustic elegance. Ocean jasper cabochon with fantastic pattern and colors of floating bubbles meandering in a mossy river fishing hole encircled with fine silver fabricated twigs and textured backplate. Indonesian artisan carved oxen bone fish complete the piece with hammered links and hammered sterling silver fringe paddles.

The pendant, top to bottom of paddle fringe measures 5", necklace length 27.5"

Ocean jasper is a rare and colorful material from Madagascar. It has long been described as a variety of orbicular jasper. Found on the north west coast of the world's fourth largest island, the original material is now completely mined out. Orbicular jaspers are known for their orb-like or small spherical markings.

Riverscape ... necklace earrings set

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