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Treasure Hunter series .. feathers & Roman glass

Treasure Hunter series ..

Feathers and Roman Glass


Balinese artisan carved resting moon face in a gallery wire bezel setting sporting tiny, treasure seeker antennae, treasure relics of fine silver flower element, stamped legend with arrow, sun and crescent moon, rustic Roman glass rondelle beads, copper over brass tubes and bezel set carved bone feathers.

Hypoallergenic Niobium earhooks.

Lightweight ❤️


*Buffalo Herd Shoo Fly Bracelet sold separately


By the 2nd and 3rd centuries, modern-day Israel became the center of glassmaking throughout the Roman Empire because of the high-quality sand that was found there in the Negev Desert. For this reason, Israel is the source of most of the quality Roman Glass shards found today for jewelry making

Treasure Hunter series .. feathers & Roman glass

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