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Cuff Bracelet .. Jurassic Earth

*This piece is located at Gallery 287 in Ennis, Montana, Please call directly 406-490-1453


Hammered sterling silver cuff bracelet, Large oolitic cabochon silver bezel setting with textured back plate, sivler feather and dew drop.
Some exemplar oolitic limestone, a common term for an oolite, was formed during the Jurassic period. One of the world's largest freshwater lakebed oolites is the Shoofly Oolit, a section of the Glenns Ferry Formation on southwestern Idaho's Snake River Plain. 10 million years ago, the Plain formed the bed of Lake Idaho, wave action washed sediments back and forth in the shallows on the southwestern shore, forming ooids and depositing them on steeper benches near the shore. When the lake drained (2 to 4 million years ago), the oolite was left behind, other sediments eroded away, while the more resistant oolite weathered into hummocks, small arches and other intriguing natural "sculptures." The Shoofly Oolite lies on public land west of Bruneau, Idaho managed by the BLM
Cabochon by Ed Novak
(Old stock)

Cuff Bracelet .. Jurassic Earth

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