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About The Artist


Winter is the longest season here in West Yellowstone, Montana which gives me ample time to create jewelry, signs, logos & graphic artwork.


I am proud to say that I am a self taught artist.  I enjoy creating my jewelry pieces using a variety of metals such as silver, copper & red brass.  I especially love organic textures and ancient motifs and designs which lend very well to acid etching, one of my favorite techniques.  Of course I like to incorporate dragonflies into my work! 


Please message me if you are looking for a custom jewelry piece or would like for me to revisit one of my previous works.


Thanks for your interest and Happy Trails! 

artist with her dog Emma

A rare sighting ...  Hello from Montana,

the frozen place! 2 coats, earmuffs, hat, gloves, leg cozies & neck thing,  miss emma, the Great Pyrenees, doesn't seem to mind,

except for the bright sun!

Previous work, Signs, Logos and jewelry

Email me if you are interested in a logo design, sign or graphic artwork

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