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My Gem Garden

My Gem Garden .. pendant necklace Natural Lodolite garden quartz two-sided teardrop shaped stone set in double sided gallery wire bezel paired with a lovely smooth rhodolite garnet cabochon and a bronze leaf.

Sparkling 28" sterling silver Italian diamond cut rope chain.

The inclusions in the stone are a natural occurance and sometimes resemble flowers. Lodolite Quartz is Clear Quartz with other minerals inside (inclusions), which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite and many other minerals that are green, maroon, cream, orange, brown, and other colors. Lodolite, also known as; Garden Quartz, Scenic Landscape Ghost Quartz, Inclusion Quartz, Shamanic Dream Stones Lodolite may bring a soothing guidance from the spirit guides. What's more, lodolite is also believed to be the stone of power and may help in amplifying any intention or energy. It is also called the master healer –and with its inclusions –this kind of quartz has a great healing capacities.

My Gem Garden

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