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Necklace .. "Earthly Reverie"
Beautiful and earthy red brass bezel set Noreena Jasper, tribal etched red brass, bail, red/brown magnescite heishi necklace with hand turned red brass chain, graced with a vintage dragonfly on the back.  Coloration of this particular stone cabochon is brick reds, warm gray & deep spicy mustard with orange hints.  Adjustable from 22" to 24"

Noreena jasper is pulled from the earth in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  Noreena Jasper is from the same geological formation as Munjina Stone, they both occur in the Jeerinah Formation which is part of the Fortescue Group in the Hamersley Basin.  Age is late Archean & was deposited between 2765 & 2687  million years ago, It is a silicified pelite (mudstone).

Necklace .. "Earthly Reverie"

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