Necklace .. Turtle Island (reserved for Jannelle)
Hand designed and etched Celtic copper hammered domed disc, sterling silver turtle, Sonoran sunrise cabochon,, hand turned copper chain with red jasper heishi and kambaba jasper rondelles.   According to Iroquois oral history, Sky Woman fell down to the earth when it was covered with water, various animals tried to swim to the bottom of the ocean to bring back dirt to create land. Muskrat succeeded in gathering dirt, which was placed on the back of a turtle, which grew into the land known today as North America. In the Seneca language, the mythical turtle is called Hah-nu-nah, while the name for an everyday turtle is ha-no-wa or Sioux - Keya = turtle <3

Necklace .. Turtle Island (reserved for Jannelle)


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