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Tiger Iron .. Grounding Earth Energy

Here we have a lovely tiger Iron pendant necklace on a copper neck ring, etched leaf pattern copper bail with hematite accent cabochon, the pendant measures 1" x 2".


*Earrings are not included, please look for "Copper Dragon" in the earring category

Tiger Iron is a powerful lower Chakra stone, promoting physical vitality, energy, and stamina. Tiger Iron is a helpful aid to those who feel emotionally, mentally or physically exhausted and burned out. Full of grounding Earth energy, Tiger Iron also helps to find courage and refuge in times of danger, and promotes a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles. Tiger Iron, like Golden Brown Tiger Eye, is helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving personal strength in times of change.

Tiger Iron .. Grounding Earth Energy

$185.00 Regular Price
$92.50Sale Price
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